Thursday, January 11, 2007

The world’s twelve worse ideas for 2007

Fred Halliday has identified the twelve worse ideas for 2007 in Open Democracy. In summary, they are:
Number twelve: Human behaviour can be

Number eleven: The world is speeding up

Number ten: We have no need for history

Number nine: We live in a "post-feminist"

Number eight: Markets are a "natural" phenomenon which allow for the efficient allocation of resources and preferences

Number seven: Religion should again be allowed, when not encouraged, to play a role in political and social life

Number six: In the modern world, we do not need utopias

Number five: We should welcome the spread of English as a world language

Number four: The world is divided into incomparable moral blocs, or civilisations

Number three: Diasporas have a legitimate role to play in national and international politics

Number two: The only thing "they" understand is force

Number one: The world's population problems, and the spread of Aids, can be solved without the use of condoms
Read the details pertaining to each bad idea here.

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