Friday, May 09, 2008

The “Pill Kills” campaign against contraception

Via Feministing we hear the American Life League is promoting the "Pill Kills" campaign protesting contraception in general and the birth control pill in particular. The group is planning protests on June 7th – the 43rd anniversary of the Griswold decision by the Supreme Court that decriminalized birth control via protecting citizens’ rights to privacy.

According to the American Life League:
We are all called to different vocations in our lives. Some are called to be married. Married couples should be open to God’s amazing gift of life. By contracepting, you are saying "no" to God’s plan by selfishly taking part in sexual relations without fulfilling the entire act or the purpose of the act. The reason God designed sex was for a married man and woman to become one and to procreate.

Contraception opens the door for marital infidelity because when spouses get used to contraceptive methods, they tend to forget the reverence due to a woman’s body, her cycle and to God’s ultimate plan for marriage and the family. Contraceptives also offer an incredible temptation for youth and singles. If you’re single, participating in premarital sexual activity is giving into sins of the flesh and can ultimately affect your salvation.
These people are not only against sexual relations between unmarried people but are against contraception even for those who are married. The bottom line is women are supposed to be baby producing machines.

Mathew Yglesias sums it up when he says, “…all too often you see social conservatives aiming at what amount to marginal targets like gay marriage and abortion when the logic of their critique is aimed at stuff like divorce and basic birth control.”

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Comrade Kevin said...

The pill is not perfect, but it is liberating.

We can't return to the past.