Thursday, December 21, 2006

Virgil Goode’s America

Representative Goode appeared on the Fox channel Cavuto show tonight defending his recent letter to constituents containing unfriendly remarks about Muslims. You can see it here on Think Progress. (For those of you who have not met Congressman Goode, the Forrest Gump routine is not an act.) The distinguished Congressman’s remarks are even drawing comment from our good friends across the pond at Harry’s Place who are nominating him for “Arsehole of the Year.”

Here’s a solution to Mr. Goode’s concerns about Muslim hordes overrunning the United States. We’ll just make Jesus the king of the United States or maybe just of Mr. Goode’s congressional district. Of course, he would have to compete with Poland which is considering a similar measure according to the BBC.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, after September 11th, any nation that was not insane would have halted all muslim immigration. We have absolutely no obligation to let them in. They come here at our whim. September 11th was far more than enough cause to bar the whole lot of them.

God Bless Virgil Goode! I have called his office and given my thanks.

Mr. Jenkins said...

Goode was responding to what an AMERICAN wanted to do, not an immigrant. Stop trying to use the immigration issue to advance your bigotry.

Anonymous said...

People who make comments about Vigil Goode having the right to make racist comments about the muslim world are only helping one cause, that of the extremists who wish to see the demise of the United States. How can anyone call himself a true american when adopting a Nazi like view vis-a-vis a race or a faith?