Thursday, April 17, 2008

Barney Kessel: "Recado Bossa Nova"

Guitarist Barney Kessel playing "Recado Bossa Nova" on a CBC Vancouver broadcast from the early 1960s. Featuring Don Thompson on bass and Terry Clarke on drums.

Barney Kessel (1923 – 2004) was an American jazz guitarist. Kessel is known for his innovative work in the guitar trio setting. In the 1950s, he made a series of albums called "The Poll Winners" with Ray Brown on bass and Shelly Manne on drums. He was also responsible for the prominent guitar on Julie London's definitive recording of "Cry Me a River".

Kessel was also a member of the Oscar Peterson Trio with Ray Brown in the early 1950s and went on to play with Sonny Rollins in the late 50s and can be heard on Sonny Rollins' recordings of songs like "How High the Moon". Kessel became one of the most in-demand session guitarists in America, and is considered a key member of the group of first-call session musicians now usually known as The Wrecking Crew. In this capacity he played on hundreds of famous pop recordings.

Bossa Nova is a style of Brazilian music evolved from samba and is related to the American jazz style known as “cool jazz”. Although the Bossa Nova movement only lasted six years (1958-63), it contributed a number of songs to the standard jazz repertoire.

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