Sunday, November 05, 2006

Virginia counts

Rasmussen lists Missouri and Virginia as toss-ups with Montana and New Jersey leaning Democratic and Tennessee leaning Republican.

They list the Virginia race as split at 49% for each candidate. The race will obviously turn on turn out.

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Peter Matthes said...

The fact that 49% of Virginia is still going to vote for George Allen does not speak well of Virginia.

The Generals on Fox News have even endorsed Webb.
In 1985, the guy was even endorsed by Ronald Reagan as a true war hero ... and a Marine at that.

Hmm ... An intelligent war vet who wants to cut taxes for the middle class or a current Senator who is good at steering Virginia tax dollars into "pork" projects to enrich himself. Oh yeah ... and he still uses racial slurs his mom taught him.

Do they grow good weed in Virginia?

I ask, because 49% of the state population must be smoking it.