Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday Fun: Cows show their humanity

Our Friday Fun series has shown the violent side of cows. (See “Cows with guns” and “Cows fight back.”) So it is time for a little balance to show the kinder and gentler side of our bovine friends.

On a variation of the lion lying down with the lamb story, in northwest France a herd of cows have adopted a wild boar as one of their own. This from Der Spiegel:
For the past week, the young wild boar, who has been christened "Clovis," has been co-existing peacefully with a herd of cows in a field in the Breton district of Lohuec.

He appears to have been adopted by the herd, and lies happily down in the grass next to his bovine chums…
Of course, for all we know the herd may think Clovis is just an ugly calf.

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