Sunday, September 10, 2006

Webb ahead

The latest Zogby Interactive poll show Virginia Senatorial candidate Jim Webb leading incumbent Senator George Allen 50.4% to 42.9%. The poll is published in the Wall Street Journal. They explain:

In the race for Virginia's Senate seat, George Allen, the state's Republican senator and former governor, had been polling well above James Webb, former secretary of the Navy in the Reagan administration; Allen led by about 11
percentage points in July. But the lay of the land changed considerably after Allen's controversial comments about a rival's campaign worker. In the mid-August poll, Webb took a one-percentage-point lead, and the latest numbers show him ahead by a seven-point margin.

Earlier, a Mason-Dixon poll just published puts Allen ahead of Webb 46% to 42%. However, this 4 point difference is within the margin of error making the race a statistical tie.

At least part of Allen’s decline has been attributed to racial remarks to made singling out a Webb volunteer at a public event last month. You can see it here.

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