Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A few questions for Mr. Bush

The theme from the Bush administration this past week is we are facing hostile military forces in the Middle East comparable to the enemies we faced during World War II. The reality is considerably more complex than this comic book version of good and bad in the world. But for the sake of argument, let’s take these assertions at face value. If we are facing a comparable global threat then there are several questions this administration needs to answer. Marc Cooper asks them.
If you heard what Bush had to say yesterday, it seems there are a few questions that he should be answering. If, indeed, as he says, we are now facing a global threat comparable to Lenin's Communism or Hitler's fascism

-- Why did this administration invade Iraq with 1/2 or less the
number of troops that many of our own experts and generals said we

-- Why was there absolutely no plan for post-invasion

-- Why were so few American troops deployed to Afghanistan where
the Taliban insurgency is now flourishing?

-- Why has civilian reconstruction in Iraq and Afghanistan been so

-- Why is there no draft, nor any civilian mobilization to confront
this global enemy?

-- Why are there no war bonds? No Victory Gardens? No blood
banks? No sacrifice whatsoever?

-- Why is there no war tax to fund this life and death struggle?
Why, on the contrary, has the national treasury been bled dry by waging war
while rebating taxes to the wealthiest?

-- Who does this President think he's still kidding?


Bill Garnett said...

One more question please -- Mr. Bush, what does God tell you He wants you to do in this war over the remaining term of your presidency? I'd like you, Mr. President, to share with us, the people, where God is telling you to take this relgious crusade -- and what the end is going to look like.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how Bush & Co. can say in their speeches that we're fighting "Another WWII", but they act like nothing is happening with regards to involving the electorate on any kind of scale. I would like to be behind it, if it really is worth fighting (the "War on Terror" I mean, not this crap he's drug us into).

Bill Baar said...

Do you think we should fight this war, as we fought WWII?

With Dresdens, Hamburgs, Hiroshimas, and Nagasakis?

Which Arab city would you have Bush pick first?

I fear this is where Kerry's war of last resort doctrine would take use... to the point were just like in 1941 we were left with no option but a war of last resort.

The United States fights those as wars of near anniliation.