Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Focus on the Family praying for the outcome of midterm elections

James Dobson’s Focus on the Family organization is promoting a National Day of Prayer to pray for the outcome of the upcoming midterm elections. Focus on the Family has become well known for its rightwing views cloaked as “family values.” The organization has a fair amount of influence with Congress and the White House.

According to their press release:
The National Day of Prayer (NDP) Task Force is urging all American
Christians to pray for the outcome of the upcoming midterm elections.

Jim Weidmann, vice chairman of the NDP Task Force, said the Pray
for Election Day campaign is aimed at helping citizens understand their role in
the electoral process.

"In a Christian nation, we have the biblical responsibility as well
as the patriotic responsibility to cast our vote for those who govern us," he
said. "We want people to spend time praying that those who are elected will
align themselves with God's laws. We also want them to get out and vote so the
Christian understanding is captured in the vote."

The Pray for Election Day Web site is key to the effort. Visitors
will discover suggestions on what to pray for — and can even record the fact
that they prayed. Event organizers have also earmarked Nov. 5 as a day for all
believers to pray and fast for the outcome of all the races on the Nov. 7

By going to the polls, believers are taking advantage of the chance
to elect men and women who share their beliefs on important issues, Weidmann

"It is important to understand the issues with each of the
candidates so voters understand where they fall — so they can align themselves
with candidates who align with their Christian values and beliefs," he said.
"And then pray obviously that those might be elected."

Some Christians may feel like Congress and President Bush haven't
accomplished much in the way of legislation backed by values voters, but
Weidmann said that means it is even more important to be involved in the process
— especially with so many states voting on ballot measures on such important
topics as protecting one-man, one-woman marriage.

"And what happens is that prayer really stands out amongst
everything else that they receive."

President Bush is a prime example of the power of prayer for
elected officials, he said.

"He is very, very open in talking about his dependence on those who
pray for him," Weidmann said. …

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