Thursday, November 13, 2008

Taliban targets teenage girls with acid and government office with car bomb

Since the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan has become the neglected war for American policy makers. However, the violence of the unresolved conflict continues unabated and the Taliban operates quite freely in many parts of the country.

In Kandahar, two men on a motorbike attacked teenagers yesterday as they were walking to their all-girls high school. They threw acid in the faces of the girls injuring up to 15 of the young women. The Taliban have opposed education for women and the establishment of girls’ schools has been considered one of the significant achievements of the new government. The attack emptied the school the girls attended.

Reporters for Aljazeer English were working on the story of the attack on the girls when a Taliban car bomb exploded next to a government building during a provincial council meeting killing six and wounding at least forty-two Afghan citizens. The bomb ripped through the council office and flattened nearby homes.

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