Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Louis Armstrong: “Back Home Again in Indiana” (1962)

This is Louis Armstrong (a.k.a. Satchmo) playing “Back Home Again in Indiana” in 1962. For years, he and his All Stars would open each public performance with this number.

Armstrong was best known for his virtuosity with the cornet and trumpet from the 1920’s until his death in 1971 at the age of 69. However, he also became famous as a vocalist. In 1964 his version of “Hello Dolly” went to #1 on the pop charts becoming the oldest person – age 63 at the time – to accomplish that feat. The genres he mastered included jazz, Dixieland, Swing and pop.

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Jim said...

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He is indeed a bit of a hawk. When asked about a possible airmail to Tehran, he sang the Beach Boys tune Barbara Ann, substituting "Bomb Iran". This video by shows it: .

Actually, I don't think McCain, or any Republican, will win. The next President will be Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, or (this is a long shot) John Edwards. This is because the Republicans are at least 6, and possibly 7 keys down in Allen Lichtman's Keys to the White House: . The upcoming recession will assure that no Republican, including McCain and Huckabee, will win.