Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kenyan violence

The picture above is of two civilians killed when the police fired with live rounds into an unarmed crowd in Kenya. This and many other photographs of the deteriorating situation in Kenya can be found at Vigilante Journalist. The photographs and blog are the product of Anne Holmes. (I recommend visiting her blog to view her photographs and read her comments about the Kenya situation.)

She writes about the Kenya situation:

The last day of outlawed protests in Kenya saw a great deal of bloodshed in the Nairobi slum of Kibera. MSF has reported 15 gunshot wounds, and three deaths at the time of writing. Police and military used excessive force on demonstraters after they destroyed a portion of the train track route that leads to Uganda, effectively cutting off supply routes and further crippling the economy. They used tear gas and live ammunition on unarmed protesters.

When I arrived in Kibera it was a virtual war zone. General Service Units (GSU), or the Red Berets as they are sometimes referred to, and Administrative Police (AP) were firing live rounds at will into a neighborhood of Kibera, injuring innocent bystanders, one of whom was in his home. They seemed rather to be enjoying themselves, displaying a kind of bloodthirstiness which I had not as yet witnessed.

(Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan.)

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