Monday, November 19, 2007

Vote right on abortion or go to Hell

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops are now telling voters they will be judged by God on how they vote for candidates with positions on abortion contrary to official church doctrine. Many Catholic theologians have been associated with the position of “abortion-as-murder” at any time, under any circumstances. The Bishops’ instructions included a warning to voters that “their eternal salvation could be at stake” on how they vote.

In the meantime, Trailer Park Feminist has discovered a little gem of a video here by The bottom line is the uterus and UPS have the same purpose: to deliver.


Bill Baar said...

their eternal salvation could be at stake

Every decision we makes carries a consequence.

Whether that consequence is our salvation I'm not sure, but it's not a bad idea to see even small decisions, much smalle than voting, as decisions with consequence.

Comrade Kevin said...

The Catholic Church wants as many followers as it can possibly muster.

The Nazis did the same thing. If you applied for a marriage license under the Third Reich, there'd be twelve blanks for names of future children underneath the certificate proclaiming the legal validity of your union.

A subtle reminder that Hitler needed soldiers.