Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Defending the country that's trying to kick out his family

As Educardo Gonzales prepares for his third tour of duty in the Middle East his wife faces deportation to Guatemala as an illegal alien. Eduardo's wife, Mildred Gonzalez, entered the United States in 1989 with her mother at the age of five without documentation.

Eduardo enlisted in the armed services following the September 11th attacks in 2001. He met Mildred later that year and they married in 2004. She gave birth to their son in 2005. Now the United States government is trying to deport her to a country she is not familiar with and where she has no family.

If Gonzales is good enough to send off to fight in Iraq then it seems his wife, and the mother of his son, should be good enough for U.S. citizenship or, at a minimun, to be free from harassment. That would be the decent thing to do but when it comes to immigration it seems too many Americans are not willing to do the decent thing.

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Anonymous said...

How are they going to deport this woman when she has a child who is an American citizen? She has not committed any crime (except to not refuse coming to the US with her mother when she was five years old).

When the raids were done in the Portland area, children didn't know what happened to their mothers and fathers. This is extremely anti family.