Monday, July 02, 2007

This blog is rated NC-17

Vivian Paige’s blog is rated PG-13 and the Richmond Democrat is rated R according to the Blog Rater. However, I have them both beat. According to the fine folks at the Blog Rater, “sex” is mentioned fourteen times, “death” three times, “gay” twice, and “crap” once on this blog qualifying this site for an NC-17 label. Personally, I think they are low-balling it but I’m not going to go through a fifteen months of posts to count. Vivian and the Richmond Democrat are going to have to add a little spice to their blogs to catch up.

The Blog Rater is compliments of Mingle2, an online dating site that offers oddball quizzes and questionnaires. For example, if my family sells my corpse to science they can expect to pocket $4175 according to the Cadaver Calculator. (This is by way of my good friend, Rev. Alane Cameron Miles who is worth $50 more than I am.)

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Will said...

Only $50 more?!?!? Sumthin's wrong there--