Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Two Georges

After almost two weeks, Senator George Allen has finally found the courage to apologize directly to the victim of his name-calling outburst. (See it here.) However, given the his campaign’s efforts to paint the poor Senator as the real victim, his late apology seems insincere. According to the Washington Post,

The senator's gesture was apt, but it hardly seemed sincere. Even as he
apologized, his campaign continued its two-faced strategy of simultaneously
scoffing at the entire incident as what Dick Wadhams, Mr. Allen's campaign
manager, has said is a contrivance. To Mr. Wadhams, politics means never having
to say you're sorry.

George Allen was seen by some as the logical successor to George Bush in the White House. He was seen as an alternative to Senator John McCain who is seen as too liberal to many in the right-wing of the Republican Party. However, after the Macaca incident his support for national office is cooling as some now see him as “Bush without brains.” That may be a particularly harsh judgment particularly given revelations about our Commander-in-Chief’s fondness for fart jokes.

The two Georges not only share a faux redneck crudeness but both of them come to public office with famous fathers as the only real qualification for public trust. Surely we can do better.

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