Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Why conservatives can't govern

Conservatives trying to govern is a lot like a drunk trying to drive – they think they are doing just fine but everyone else on the road needs to watch out. Alan Wolfe follows up on his interesting article on why conservative ideology is at the root of incompetent governing . They just can’t help themselves. He writes,

Conservatives fail because those who hate government cannot run it very well – the theme of my recent article in the July/August issue of The Washington Monthly. But then there is also what can be called conservative management theory. Conservatives have strong ideas about how organizations ought to be run – and those ideas invariably make them run badly.

One such idea is that no information hostile to those in charge
should ever leak out. The result, however, is that no good information ever
leaks in. The smaller the number of decision-makers, the less the knowledge on
which decisions are based. It is not good to keep a tight ship if the ship
always sinks.

You may read his comments here. Sisyphus previously cited his full article here.

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