Thursday, February 07, 2008

“Hey There Obama”

Cute kid but is he cuter than the Obama Baby?


Jim said...

I think they are both cute. With a little practice, the boy will become a great singer. But the baby makes so many bempal sounds that you can see his lips go up and down, and I like the one about politicians are like diapers because if they are full of sh**, then change them. So my vote goes to the Obama Baby.

John said...

im not sure that chaz the kid isn't cute, he's really cool though, OBAMA BABY is cuter, but overall, hey there obama is a better video.

Jim said...

Bempal sounds (b, p, m, f, and v) are among the first that a baby or toddler learns. I have seen a TV news segment in which someone said "McCain" to a baby, and the baby did nothing; someone said "Clinton" to the baby, and he did nothing, and someone said "Obama" to him, and the baby immediately started going "Obamamama Obama". I hope he gets the nomination, despite the Clinton win tonight (2008/4/22).