Saturday, February 16, 2008

Coleman Hawkins: “Body and Soul”

This is a concert taped by BBC in London in 1967 of Jazz at the Philharmonic. Coleman Hawkins (1904-1969) plays “Body and Soul” and is accompanied by pianist Teddy Wilson and drummer Louie Bellson.

Body and Soul was originally recorded by Coleman Hawkins in 1939. That recording of “Body and Soul” by Hawkins is an important antecedent of bebop. Bebop (or bop) is a form of jazz characterized by fast tempos and improvisation based on harmonic structure rather than melody. It was developed in the early and mid-1940’s.

Hawkins' willingness to stray — even briefly — from the ordinary resolution of musical themes and his playful jumps to double-time signaled a departure from existing jazz. The recording was popular; but more importantly, from a historical perspective, Hawkins became an inspiration to a younger generation of jazz musicians, most notably Charlie Parker.

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Every 7th Day said...

I love Coleman Hawkins. Don't know what's gotten into you with the jazz, but this and the Valentine's Day post were just great.