Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fouad: I don’t want to be forgotten in jail.

Saudi blogger Fouad Al-Farhan was arrested two month ago and continues to be held without charge by Saudi officials at an undisclosed location. "I don’t want to be forgotten in jail," Fouad wrote shortly before his arrest.

Fouad used his blog to advocate for reform in the Saudi Arabian kingdom. He had been warned approximately a year ago by Saudi security agents that if he did not stop criticizing the government he could face serious consequences and was forced to shut down his blog for several months. However, he started blogging again. In one of his last posts before his detention, al-Farhan sharply criticized 10 influential business, religious, and media figures close to the Saudi royal family. His public support of a group of 10 Saudi academics arrested earlier this year allegedly for “financing terrorism” has apparently angered Saudi authorities, he reported on his blog.

Other Saudi bloggers have also been harassed.

You can find more information about Fouad here and send a letter to officials here demanding his release here. Don’t let Fouad be forgotten.

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