Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Anti-war or anti-Israel?

Harold Evans in the Guardian today writes about an unthinking antiwar movement that chooses to identify with the Hezbollah.

The blog, Euston and Beyond, makes a somewhat similar point by arguing antiwar movements should avoid taking sides.


LaReinaCobre said...

An anti-war movement that took the "side" of Hezbollah truly is unthinking. What other explanation could there be for such a contradiction?

Scott said...

More slurs and baiting from the radical right.

Personally I disagree with the author to an extent. I don't think Greens and other progressives should fall for it. Even if we are, like Webb, against the war, lets be careful how we reuse their war jargon.

I may be an insurgent, but I am not interested in 'fighting' as much as I am interested in peace-making. If I am going to be a ninja, I will do so nonviolently.





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